Restaurant Report: Lack of hand washing at two restaurants

Restaurant Report: Lack of hand washing at two restaurants

A lack of handwashing was a problem at a couple of restaurants in this Restaurant Report. It's not something you want to see when it comes to touching raw fish or dirty dishes.

At BT's Deli at 11389 Nuckols Road in Henrico, the health inspector found eight critical violations. Among them, the report says the wait staff brought in dirty dishes and returned the to dining room without proper hand washing, and the dishwasher did not wash hands after handling dirty dishes. Violations were corrected during the inspection.

Another handwashing problem was spotted by a health inspector at Yokozuna Sushi, 207 North Washington Highway in Hanover, which had four critical violations. The report shows the repeated problem of an employee handling raw fish with gloved hands, then handling ready-to-eat leafy greens wearing the same gloves. When the inspector returned two days later, all critical violations were corrected.

Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant at 13130 Kingston Avenue in Chesterfield had eight critical violations. One of the problems was that water was dripping from a refrigerator fan onto uncleaned cilantro. The report shows that and other violations were corrected on the spot.

Our NBC12 Hall of Fame Award goes to another Mexican restaurant, Qdoba Mexican Grill, at 123 Stonebridge Plaza in North Chesterfield. It has aced three health inspections and hasn't had a single critical violation in two years.

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