Education Editorial: UNC athletes academic fraud

Education Editorial: UNC athletes academic fraud



Well the fourth quarter of college football is approaching, and with the risk of being accused of piling on, let's talk about the University of North Carolina and the recent Wainstein report which exposed two decades of academic fraud. 

While an alum and fan of UVA, VCU, and Richmond, I could certainly be accused of taking the opportunity to whack UNC for the many times that they thumped us on the court or field. But this one is self-inflicted! Dr. Belle Wheelan, former Secretary of Education in Virginia and now with SACS, an accrediting agency, has said, “Its huge. It's bigger than anything with which we've dealt before.” One college president has called for the suspension of UNC's accreditation. For the many outstanding alum of UNC, this is particularly egregious.

Oh, the athletes involved in the “paper courses”…proxy for grades for doing little or nothing in order to stay eligible…clearly learned something from these experiences. If you play well you can beat the system…cheat. Running fast and jumping high is worth more than thinking critically and working hard. The first step in rehabilitation is acknowledging that you have a problem! And the next time you are asked where you earned your degree...remember that the emphasis should be on earned!

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