Experts explain how to avoid being abducted

Experts explain how to avoid being abducted

The arrest of a suspect in two high-profile abduction cases, one in Richmond and the other in Philadelphia, has many concerned about how to best protect themselves.

Experts say abductions aren't as rare as you think. Suppose you're walking to your car and you hit the keyless entry. It unlocks all the doors and as you get in, a man jumps in on the passenger side, He orders you to drive, Police say the best response is to hit the panic button, scream and lay on the horn so you can bring as much attention to yourself as possible.

"Many times predators are looking to be unnoticed. If everyone in the surrounding area starts to turn and look at that one car that's got the headlights blaring and the horn blaring, that assailant is going to be much more apprehensive about following through," said Sgt. Hiram Rivera.

If that doesn't work he says stay calm and start to drive, but begin thinking about the best time to escape.

"Try not to lead the assailant on to the fact or the idea that you may jump out of the vehicle at any given time," said Rivera, who advises to escape is when you come to a red light or a stop sign. "Put that car in park and jump out of the vehicle. That does two things for you at a red light. It draws attention for everyone standing around that you're hoping out of that vehicle and secondly, the passenger either has to get out of the vehicle and jump into the driver seat and put it in drive or he is going to have to flee altogether."

The key thing to remember, never let them take you to a secluded area. Try to escape before then, but there are ways you can try to avoid being abducted altogether. Keep your head up and look around as you walking to your car, especially at night. Avoid staring down at your phone and if you are by yourself, only unlock the driver side door.

"In the end, you have to decide whether or not you want to take a chance with what he is going to do to you in a secluded area or what injury you may receive by trying to escape at a given time," added Rivera.

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