Delvin Barnes has long criminal history prior to alleged abductions

With the information uncovered Thursday, many have wondered why Delvin Barnes was on the streets and not in prison.

While Barnes, 37, allegedly abducted and tried to kill a 16-year-old Richmond girl, authorities here in Virginia were supposed to be watching and monitoring him as part of his probation from Pennsylvania.

A 2005 rape case in Philadelphia is Barnes' most serious offense before his most recent brush with the law. Barnes was found guilty of six charges including aggravated assault and false imprisonment.

The details of the crimes in November of that year are disturbing to imagine. According to court records, Barnes' estranged wife told police even though she had a protective order against him, he surprised her in her home, beat her and forced her to have sex. The documents say she only got free by tricking Barnes into letting her make a phone call.

Representatives from the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole say for those crimes Barnes served eight years, which is every single day of the term the court sentenced him to. He was not granted parole. Barnes was released on November 30, 2013.

So we then went to the Virginia Department of Corrections. Turns out, upon his release, Pennsylvania asked the commonwealth to monitor Barnes' probation. The Williamsburg office is in charge of that.

This isn't the first time Barnes has been on the radar here in Virginia. In July of this year, exactly three months before the abduction, Richmond prosecutors said Barnes was charged with making a bomb threat at a city Walmart. Sources say there wasn't enough evidence to support the felony prosecution and it was lowered to misdemeanor trespassing. This all happened while the Charles City man was still on probation.

Barnes' crimes in Richmond go back more than a decade. He has faced gun, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and robbery counts, among others. Barnes pleaded guilty to robbery in 2002. According to our investigation, he only served nine months behind bars. He had already completed his probation term by 2005, allowing him to head to Pennsylvania and start a crime spree there.

“That's not our son as we know him,” Barnes's father said Wednesday night.

He says there is a possibility his son has a mental illness.

A court order sealing the story behind the search warrant for the Barnes' parents' Charles City home only lasts for the next 30 days.

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