NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The right to vote is an obligation, not just a privilege

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The right to vote is an obligation, not just a privilege

By: Kym Grinnage

Next Tuesday we, as citizens of the United States of America, have the right to vote!!!!  Unfortunately not enough people take the time to vote during so called mid-term elections and that is one of the great tragedies of our free society. If you think it's OK to simply say it doesn't matter. Here are six important dates that indicates that it should:

1787: The passage of the U.S. Constitution gives white male property owners age 21 and over the right to vote.

1807—1843: A series of acts that changed voting requirements so that all white men age 21 and older could vote.

1870: The 15th Amendment guaranteed the right to vote to all men that were 21 or older regardless of race or ethnic background. Of course this was not honored for years in many parts of the country.

1920: The 19th Amendment gave women age 21 and older the right to vote.

1964: The 24th Amendment made it illegal for states to charge a poll tax to voters.

1965: The Voting Rights Act authorized the federal government to take over registration of voters in states where state officials had regularly prevented blacks and other minorities from registering to vote.

Now imagine it if we lived in a society that denied free people the right to vote. People gave their lives so that you could make a free decision about yours.

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