NASA press conference on Wallops Island rocket explosion

NASA press conference on Wallops Island rocket explosion

Just seconds after liftoff from Wallops Island, an Antares rocket experienced some type of malfunction and exploded in midair Tuesday night. An anomaly investigation board was formed and is now trying to determine the cause of the rocket's explosion.

It's an Orbital Sciences rocket, and they're just calling this a catastrophic failure.

NASA says there are no injuries reported but significant damage to the south end of Wallops Island

Before launch the Orbital Sciences team wasn't tracking any issues.

The rocket was sending supplies to the international space station, carrying about 5-thousand pounds of food, care packages for the crew, parts, and experiments.

But NASA says the team has plenty of supplies to last them well into next year, and they are not in any danger.

Orbital Sciences says they will not fly again until they have determined the cause, and they can't say how long that will be.

"Something went wrong and we will find out what that is. And we will determine the root cause and we will correct that and come fly back at Wallops again," said Orbital Sciences Executive VP, Frank Culbertson.Teams will be hitting the ground Wednesday morning in the daylight to investigate. NASA says they will be collecting debris to evaluate.

If you find any debris in the vicinity of the launch tonight, please stay away and call the Incident Response Team at 757-824-1295.

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