Education Editorial: Schools, Beliefs, and Halloween

Education Editorial: Schools, Beliefs, and Halloween


The Seth Boyden Elementary School in New Jersey is having a difficult time deciding which costume to wear for Halloween.

The principal recently sent home a notice that Halloween activities had been canceled because of the diversity of views in his community. A day later the superintendent sent home another notice, reinstating the activities with the argument that the decision was too close to the event and required a much broader discussion quote "we respect that each student's family has the right to choose whether or not to participate in Halloween celebrations, and as always, alternate activities will be provided for students who will not be participating due to religious or other objections" end quote.

While there are mixed opinions about the religious or pagan origins of this October tradition. The celebration seems to have taken on a life of its own with inspiration from commercialism.

While halloween can be a teachable moment, first pretending can be fun and educational but be proud of who you are. Secondly, getting a treat or giving one should not be an exchange for avoiding a trick. And third, never do anything behind a mask that you wouldn't do with your own face.

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