NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Spanking your children may hurt in more ways than one

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Spanking your children may hurt in more ways than one

By: Kym Grinnage

Last week, due to extended coverage of breaking news, some of you may have missed my comments about spanking your children. In essence, I said that I think there may be a better way to discipline a child without spanking them.

In addition to many others, my children are proof positive that you can have disciplined, respectful and obedient kids without physical punishment. My mother made it clear to us when we became parents that "sparing the rod would spoil the child." Her granddaughters are now young adults and my mother will be the first to tell you that she has a new point of view.

I was spanked often and my mother truly believed in her form of love and discipline. But to tell you the truth, I remember the long punishments more than the beatings. I am not telling anyone that they should not spank their children, but I am saying that parents should take the time to examine that spanking may be the worst of your options.

I can cite study after study which conclude that spanking your child, especially young children, can lead to increased poor behavior, reduction of cognitive skills, and children using violence against other children. Just Google, "the negative effects of spanking my child." At the same time there are also numerous articles that support spanking.

Some say it is cultural and I say it time to change the culture. At the end of the day, spanking your child or not spanking your child does not happen by accident, it's a choice.

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