Restaurant Report: Live insects in container of flour

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Insects in the flour. That's what an inspector noted seeing during the health inspection of a Mechanicsville restaurant. That leads off the problems found at local eateries in this Restaurant Report.

"Live insects that appeared to be roaches in a container of flour in the cooking area." That's how the inspection report reads for China Kitchen at 9157 Atlee Road in Hanover County. It had eight critical violations. The report says an employee then threw out the flour. The follow-up inspection report shows all critical violations but one were corrected, that the restaurant has been treated for pests, and there was significant improvements in the cleanliness of the kitchen equipment and floors.

Cinnamonster inside Chesterfield Towne Center had five critical violations, plus 11 non-critical on its last inspection. The inspector wrote that food workers wiped their hands on their aprons, handled money, and changed gloves without washing their hands in between. When the inspector returned the next week, all critical violations but two had been corrected. Those were fixed by the re-inspection the next month.

It was some temperature problems that tripped up El Amancer Latino Market at 8410 Staples Mill Road in Henrico. It had 6 critical violations, including that ham, beef, sliced tomatoes, and salsa were not being kept cold enough in the make table. The beef was thrown out and other problems were corrected on the spot.

The NBC12 Hall of Fame Award goes to Taco Bell at 10221 Hull Street Road in Midlothian. It has aced two health inspections and hasn't had a critical violation in two years.

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