Rescanning may help improve NBC12 signal for some viewers

Rescanning may help improve NBC12 signal for some viewers

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Since adding our Escape subchannel, 12.3, we've had numerous queries from over the air viewers (using an antenna) regarding how to receive this new channel, or in some cases reports of a loss of reception of 12.1, and 12.2 as well.

In many cases, a simple rescan for channels will add the new 12.3 to their channel table in the the TV, and restore reception of all three of our channels.

However, we've had reports that this does not work on some particular brands of TVs, and that something more is required to restore reception, or add 12.3.

The Double Rescan.

There is a way to reset the TV channels data table and other circuitry which stores information about the stations. Sometimes these data tables can get corrupted by power bumps, interference, or in this case, a change at the station itself that causes the tuner to get confused, and the problem will remain in the tuner's memory and disrupt proper reception. No amount of normal re-scanning will get rid of the old/bad data.

What needs to be done is something called a double-rescan. First, completely disconnect the cable from the antenna to the TV and do a scan for channels like is normally done when setting up the TV. It will find no channels without the antenna, and clear out the faulty data in memory. Next, reconnect the antenna, and do a second scan for channels, and the antenna table should repopulate with correct data.

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