Teammates remember Virginia teen who died after hard hit on field

Teammates remember Virginia teen who died after hard hit on field

SOUTH HILL, VA (WWBT) - A junior on a Virginia high school team took a big hit, only to die hours later in the hospital.

Late in the first half in the Park View/Brunswick game, Park View junior Jamond Salley was hit while covering a kickoff. He managed to walk off to the sideline, but his health deteriorated from there. During halftime, Salley lost consciousness and began having seizures. Medical personnel at the game began CPR onsite before transferring him to Community Memorial Hospital in South Hill, where he later died.

Teammates say he took a hard hit on the play. Park View only has 24 players on the varsity squad. so the tragedy is hitting Salley's teammates particularly hard. They remember him as a quiet leader, a good student and one of the best offensive and defensive linemen on the team.

"Not having Jamond here no more, me and him were side by side on the offensive line," Holden Sykes said. "It's not going to be the same to look at my left and him not being there."

"He always gave 110 percent," Travon Robinson said. "Me and him on the D line, nobody can stop us. But it's going to be different looking to my left and not seeing him there."

"We always lited weights together, and he always pushed me to be the best man I could be," Grayson Wise said. "We always competed, and it hurts me terribly to have him gone."

No cause of death has been released yet. Officials stopped the game with four minutes to go in the fourth quarter.

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