More Bang for your Buck: New savings app

More Bang for your Buck: New savings app

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Want to spend less the next time you go grocery shopping? There's an app for that!

In fact, there are several cash back apps that refund money. The newest is Snap, by Groupon, which debuted last week. This app has some of the highest cash rebates to date. 

Want to get a dollar off of bread and milk? Those are just two out of dozens of offers available on Snap. The cash back concept isn't new, but Snap's higher payout on promoted items is.

You buy the product, snap a picture of your receipt, choose your redemptions and when it's verified, you get money added to your account.

Many of these products have coupons you can use to boost your savings. Take Barilla Pasta sauce..Last week, it was $1.76..My 75 cents off coupon became a dollar at Martin's. Then I submitted for a 75 cent rebate from Snap. That means I got this product for one penny.

With discounts on apples, lettuce and bananas, a $2.82 bill drops to $1.82. That's a 35 percent savings on healthy food. You can double down using other apps as well. For example, you can knock another quarter off bananas on Checkout 51 and and another 25 cents on milk using Ibotta.

One major difference is some offers have no redemption limit..This is where you have to be careful.

The day Snap went live, they offered two dollars back on Huggies wipes with no limit. They were $1.97 at Walmart, making this deal a money maker. At the store the next day, the app said the deal was almost gone. I submitted my receipt as soon as possible thinking it would go through, but it was too late. The offer was gone by the time it processed.

So if you see the words almost gone, let it go. Note the words "special terms" in red on certain items, and make sure you read the details. You can get $2 back on Finish Dishwasher Tabs, but you have buy them from and the limit is two refunds.

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