On Your Side: Driveway problems

On Your Side: Driveway problems

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A good driveway is an investment in your home, but it's also major construction work.   That's why we're on your side with three things to check before you hire a paving company for a driveway job.

If you manage the project on the front end, you'll have fewer problems.  Check for a valid contractor's license, check whether the contractor's bond is current and check their complaint history.

Robert Rogers did the right things when he got his driveway paved 14 months ago.

“I got three estimates and he was the only Class A contractor. So, I felt comfortable with that," Rogers said. Still he had a bad case of buyer's remorse after paying $11,200 to pave his 800-foot-long, 10-foot-wide driveway. He believes all the things he says are wrong warrant a refund.

“It's cracking in this short amount of time. I can imagine what it's going to be four or five years down the road,” Rogers said.

Paving contractors are regulated in Virginia and must be licensed by the board of contractors, which says to make sure your contractor measures up. Get three references and look at their past work, insist on a job-specific written contract that describes materials used, thickness and start and finish times. Don't make the final payment until you're satisfied with the work.

“I started calling him a month or more before my warranty was up. He said he would come out here. Well I've never seen him period,” Rogers said.

When contacted by NBC12, the paving company owner apologized for being unresponsive despite Rogers's repeated attempts to reach him. He said a refund is unreasonable but agreed to my request for the two to meet the next day to go over Robert's concerns and try to settle it.

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