More Bang For Your Buck: Grocery stores savings

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Whole Foods Market is known for selling high quality products that are free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors and  sweeteners, but some of you may feel the prices are too high for your budget.

Starting in produce, say you only need half a head of cabbage. "You can ask them to cut that in half," savings expert Kimberly Roberts said. The price gets cut in half too. Roberts finds the best deals everywhere. She learned a few things on Whole Food's Value Tour.

"Look for any signs that say hot deals because that's going to be their cheapest prices," Roberts said.

$1.99 for Earthbound organic spinach? Roberts says you won't find it cheaper anywhere else.

"You can go on  and get the coupon and make it even cheaper," she said.

Whole Foods accepts manufacturer coupons and lets you stack them with their own. Make sure to grab a Whole Deal booklet upon entering. If you buy ten of one product, you only need one coupon. Cashiers will apply it to all ten.

"They have a dollar off of three, and I have $1, so I'll buy 3 items and get $4 off total," Roberts said. Three So Delicious yogurts would have been $4.50. "So it's going to cost me 50 cents for three of those," she said.

There's a discount for buying things like meat in wine in bulk. "You can preorder things, and if you order them by the case, you get a ten percent discount and you can apply your coupons," Roberts said.

Cooking demos highlight seasonal produce. In season means lower price. And like almost all stores, there are thousands of store brand products with much lower costs.

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