Forensic clues may help bring Morgan Harrington's killer to justice

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WWBT) - The message on the Copley Road bridge is clear - "Please find Hannah."

The site is eerily appropriate, for the plea for answers here is the same bridge dedicated to Morgan Harrington. The last place she was seen alive in 2009.

The 20-year-old disappeared while attending a concert at UVA five years ago. Her remains were found in nearby Albemarle County.

Now the bridge between the two cases may be one of science.

State Police confirm what Morgan's mother Gil learned earlier Monday. The arrest of 32-year-old Jesse Matthew provided a forensic link for investigators to pursue in the murder of Morgan Harrington.

Exactly what that evidence is that links these two cases, authorities aren't being specific. Other than confirming a new investigative path, they aren't commenting further, but they say it could be just what they need to solve this case.

Meanwhile, this bridge is a solemn reminder of one young woman lost to violence, one young woman missing and authorities determined to figure out what happened.

Police caution that there is still much more to this case and investigators still have a lot of clues to pursue before a conviction is had.

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