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Alexis Murphy's aunt helps in search for Hannah Graham


The agony of simply not knowing is all too familiar for another family who lives just a county away from where Hannah Graham disappeared last week.

It's why Alexis Murphy's relatives are doing all they can to show their support. While Alexis' killer is behind bars, they're praying Hannah's case ends differently.

When some 1,500 volunteers showed up in a city-wide search for Hannah Graham, Trina Murphy was front and center.

"Really disheartening, very disturbing," she said.

To know another family is sharing grief. In August 2013, Murphy's niece Alexis vanished from nearby Nelson County. She can relate to what Hannah's parents are feeling.

"The first two weeks are kind of a blur. You're on this emotional roller coaster of ok she's going to be found today. You wake up every morning, she's going to be found today or a significant piece of information is going to be found today. The days run into weeks and the weeks run into months," she said.

Alexis was never found. One reason Trina wanted to be on the ground over the weekend searching for clues.

While searching for Graham, Murphy said she couldn't help thinking about her niece. "Of course. It was hard not to but I was also thinking about Hannah and just wanting her outcome to be different than ours," she said.

"This is every parent's worst nightmare," said John Graham, Hannah's father.

At a news conference Sunday, Hannah's parents thanked everyone who searched, including Trina.

"I read that Alexis Murphy's aunt Trina was helping. Thank you ma'am," Graham said.

"They owe me no thanks. I would do this for anybody…Because when Alexis went missing I wanted the whole world looking for her and I know they feel the same way. As a parent, as the mother of a daughter, the aunt of a young girl that's already missing I can't imagine not going," she said.

Now the Grahams continue their plea for answers.

"We know Hannah was distinctively dressed. Did anybody see Hannah? Did you see Hannah? Did you see Hannah? Somebody did," he pleaded.

There is a tip line for anyone with information to continue to come forward. It is 434-295-3851. Already 900 tips have come in but investigators are still waiting for that one tip that will bring Hannah home.

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