NBC12 VIEWPOINT: There's No Place Like HOME

By: Kym Grinnage email

When you here the famous words "there's no place like home", many of you will think of the legendary Wizard of Oz movie, but for thousands of Virginians over the years HOME has stood for the organization Housing Opportunities Made Equal, Inc.

In 2014, we have the widest wealth gap in our country's history. One of the major reasons for the wealth gap in this country is the lack of home ownership and access to credit. Research shows that when there is unequal access to both of these, that wealth gap will only widen.

Since 1971 HOME has been at the forefront of ensuring equal access to housing for all people. One of their primary missions is to aid individuals in the fight against housing discrimination. And on a larger scale, HOME will take action against systematic housing discrimination through advocacy and statewide policy work.

One of the most important things HOME does is provide counseling to existing homebuyers who may be facing foreclosure as well as to first time homebuyers who could benefit from education about the best practices of homeownership.

Here's the good news, HOME is right here in Richmond. So if you or someone you know could benefit from HOME's services please contact them at (804) 354-0641 or go to: www.phonehome.org

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