Suspects charged after Chesterfield police crash, passing counterfeit bills

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Three men are accused of leading Chesterfield officers on a high speed chase that ended with their car smashing into a utility pole. Paolo Barber, 23, Quincy Battice, 25, and Jean Fremont, 23, are facing charges, in connection to the incident, which ended in the accident of Jefferson Davis Highway. Investigators say Barber and Battice were trying to use counterfeit money.

The chain of events started at the Rite Aid by Weir Place, Wednesday afternoon. Investigators are called to the store, after a group of men reportedly used fake bills. Just hours later, more reports surfaced of the suspects using counterfeit money at a nearby gas station. Then, officers received word that the men returned to the Rite Aid, for round two. When officers went back to the drug store, they noticed one of the suspects fleeing to a different car, in a nearby parking lot.

Officers tailed the blue car, attempting to pull it over. However, the suspects speed off, according to police.

"Heard sirens. In fact, we saw police officers go down that way," described Stephen Kennedy, who was sitting in his pickup at a traffic light, when he says the suspect careened into his truck. "All of a sudden, bam! I couldn't have been stopped more than two to five seconds."
The front seat of Kennedy's truck is jolted from the impact. He then crashed into the van ahead of his vehicle.

Meantime, the suspect's car barreled over the median in the middle of the highway, crossed oncoming lanes of traffic, and hit a utility pole.

Police took the men into custody, and notified the U.S. Secret Service, since fake money was reportedly used.

Battice is charged with six counts of felony note forgery and looting.  Paolo Barber is facing possession of marijuana and one count of felony note forgery. Jean Fremont is facing misdemeanor looting.

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