Police: Man who shot self after police chase in Richmond has died

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A man who shot himself after a police chase in Richmond has died from his wounds.

Police say Kevin Jones, 35, was seen at 7:27 p.m. Tuesday driving a vehicle similar to one involved in a shooting in Fairfield Court.

Witnesses who watched this unfold didn't want to talk on camera, but described the tense moments.

They say they saw a man driving a red truck coming down an alley followed closely by a police cruiser. Then, they say, they saw that cruiser ram the red truck. There is damage to a fence and tree on the corner.

Witnesses then describe both the man and the officer got out of their vehicles and a chase ensued. They ran behind some homes and down an alley, which spills out onto 22nd street. People saw the pair run across the street and in between two homes. The pursuit ended when police say the suspect shot himself in the head in the backyard of one of those homes.

"We opened our back door and we could see the guy laying on the ground," a woman, who lives close to the scene said.

She asked us to hide her identity.

"Just fear because I've never seen anything happen this close to my house," she explained of her thoughts after the incident.

Jones was taken to VCU Medical Center where he died at 11:09 p.m.

There are still a lot of questions about what exactly happened in the final moments of Tuesday night's pursuit. Sources say a special team, which includes the department's internal affairs unit, is investigating.

Word is spreading on the streets about the shooting, but so far, it appears since only Jones and the officers were in that backyard, only they would know exactly what happened.
"I think with everything that happens when someone gets hurt there's always going to be speculation and rumor," the woman added. "But I think it's best not to speak upon things unless you really know what's going on."

Police say there is no indication any officers fired a shot, but there will be a full investigation into the case.

"I can assure you that this is the same type of investigation we would conduct into any incident of this type," said Richmond Police Chief Ray J. Tarasovic. "We have in the past and we will in the future."

State Police were also on the scene. Richmond police say they've contacted the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office, as well.

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