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NBC12 Investigation leads to possible changes on Richmond road


An NBC12 investigation is leading to changes on a South Richmond road. In May we told you about a citizen, who called us devastated after he said speeding drivers killed his beloved dog.

Anthony Bizzaro believes the conditions on Cedar Grove Road, which drivers use as a cut through between Huguenot and Cherokee Roads, cost him a member of his family. His rescue dog Bryant was killed when he ran across the street and was run over by a cement-mixer.

"My wife and I don't have children so these are our babies," Bizzaro told us in May, after his dog died.

When we first contacted the Department of Public Works about the story, a spokeswoman said their speed data was four years old and they'd have to take new samples.

Our questions for the city prompted the Department of Public Works to conduct a speed study in the neighborhood. It confirms what we showed you more than three months ago. DPW engineers noted drivers going above the speed limit in three separate locations on Cedar Grove Road.

"Not surprised at all, it's kind of what you see every day," Bizzaro reacted.

Now, engineers will put together a traffic circle design at specific intersections along the corridor. Those designs will then be taken to the people who live in the neighborhood and their city council representative for input.

"Something like that that could potentially really work in the long term to slow people down would be very, very helpful," Bizzaro described.

He believes our investigation was a catalyst for change.

"I think it caused things to start happening, dominoes to start moving, conversations to be had, DPW to look at it again and rethink what they could do," he added.

It's too soon to tell just how long this process will take.

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