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OVitaminPro.com Announces Release of BetterGenix

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“BetterGenix is the newly launched in-house line of nutritional supplements from OVitaminPro.com”
OVitaminPro.com, a longtime e-retailer of natural and holistic supplements, has recently announced it will start offering its own in-house line of products under the BetterGenix label. BetterGenix formulas are designed to support individual health concerns by building on decades of nutritional research and product development.

OVitaminPro.com, a longtime ecommerce retailer of natural and herbal supplements, has recently announced its own line of supplements: BetterGenix.

“We developed BetterGenix with deep understanding of the human body and optimal physiology,” said Dr. Daniel Schlenger, co-owner of OVitaminPro.com “We’ve built these supplements on a strong foundation. We take into account decades of nutritional research and product development.”

The BetterGenix line of supplements, which is now available exclusively at OVitaminPro.com, includes a variety of supplement types to support targeted health concerns. These supplements include adrenal system support supplement AdrenalGenix, digestive aid DigestGenix, enzyme supplement EnzymeGenix, liver support supplement LiverGenix, and CholestGenix, which includes ingredients believed to encourage healthy cholesterol levels.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with timely and targeted nutritional products that make a difference,” said Mary Schlenger, co-owner of OVitaminPro.com. “It’s our belief that a blend of intelligent diet, exercise, and nutritional supplements can make dramatic differences in one’s quality of life and wellbeing.”

Throughout the remainder of 2014 and 2015, OVitaminPro anticipates developing and adding additional supplements to its line, which utilizes blends of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts. Additionally, OVitaminPro uses customer feedback from its in-house nutritional counseling services and other supplement sales to develop their products with specific dietary concerns in mind.

“If anyone wants to be healthier, you have to start with diet,” says Schlenger. “Most of our customers come to us with health concerns and we always guide them through designing a nutrition program that’s right for them. We’re advocates of being smarter about nourishing our bodies – we recommend blood and neurotransmitter testing to our clients to pinpoint what they need specifically.”

Unlike other industry counterparts, BetterGenix supplements are manufactured without artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives. All formulas are also gluten-free, which Dr. Schlenger notes are by design.

“It was important to us to design our line of supplements to be gluten-free, as we’ve seen countless cases of gluten intolerance and sensitivity,” said Dr. Schlenger. “It’s a very real concern for us and we often encourage those who seek nutritional counseling through OVitaminPro to pursue a Paleo or gluten-free diet. It was a natural fit for us to also make supplements to support those with gluten sensitivities.”

BetterGenix supplements are available at OVitaminPro.com and it is recommended to consult a trusted healthcare practitioner prior to starting any nutritional supplements.

About OVitaminPro

OVitaminPro.com was founded on a passion for better health. Since 2007, OVitaminPro.com has offered free nutritional counseling, recommendations for blood and neurotransmitter testing, and a full suite of natural supplements designed specifically to address targeted health concerns. In 2014, it’s proud to announce the launch of its own line of formulas, BetterGenix. Using natural ingredients of the highest quality, including herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals, all of the supplements at OVitaminPro.com – including BetterGenix – are designed to support a greater sense of wellbeing when paired with healthy diet and exercise. For more information, visit OVitaminPro.com.

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