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Fugitive Friday: Search for Brian Archer


Heather Diaz is constantly looking out for 25-year-old Brian Edward Archer. He's wanted by the Dinwiddie Sheriff's Department for multiple charges, including domestic assault and felony vandalism.

As police continue to search for Archer, his alleged victim shares her story and pleads with the public to help put him behind bars.

Brian Archer and Heather Diaz dated on and off for about two years.

"Throughout the whole relationship it was physical, verbal assault all the time," Heather said. "One day he snapped and he tried to throw me out of a car."

Heather says she knows she should have left then but gave Archer another chance.

"Thought he would get help, he started seeing a psychiatrist," she said.

Then in April of last year Heather says Archer assaulted her for the last time.

"He actually put my head through window, the back window of the door and then he had slammed my face into the freezer. So I had a cut right here that I had to get stitches in," Heather recalled. "There was just blood, instantly, everywhere."

That attack gave Heather the courage to finally press charges.

"I know I came up here probably five times before I actually did anything about it," she said.

"She finally got that warrant," Heather's mother Jackie Gibbs told us.

Jackie was glad to see her daughter finally stand up to the violence.

"To watch your child hurt is like the worst thing in the world," Jackie said.

Unfortunately the family's terror didn't end there.

"What good did it do? He's still walking around," Jackie told us. "I worry about her every time she leaves the house."

Living in fear has taken a serious toll on Heather's life. She's seeing a psychiatrist and taking anxiety medication.

"I have vivid nightmares, it's like waking up and experiencing the whole thing over again," Heather said.

"Someone that has done so much damage to her already, you know, we are afraid," Jackie added.

Authorities say Archer also vandalized the family's car.

"He broke the windshield of my car, he pushed in the dashboard where the radio and air conditioner is," Jackie said. "It's well over $2,000 worth of damage he did to the car."

Archer's last known address is on Wayne Avenue in the Warrenton Heights neighborhood of Dinwiddie. He is also known to frequent the nearby Jones Trailer Park on Cox Road.

"We did get a few reports that he possibly may be in the area," said Deputy Tasha Ridley with the Dinwiddie Sheriff's Office.

"Somebody has to know where he is," Heather said.

Heather Diaz hopes that someone will come forward with information that will get Archer off the streets.

"It would be relief. It would be justice," said Heather.

"She needs closure in this. She needs to be able to close that chapter in her life and move forward and she can't do it," Jackie explained.

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