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Some Fairfield Mall store owners upset over renovation project


In Eastern Henrico, NBC12 is hearing from store owners who say they feel like they were left out in the renovation plans to Fairfield Commons Mall. It's being demolished for the new Eastgate Town Center, complete with a Wal-Mart Supercenter.

The developer, Bromont Investments, says it approached the businesses about relocating. It says the company is now in negotiations with seven businesses to relocate here once construction is done.

Fairfield Commons Mall hasn't shut down yet, but its days are numbered. Store owners were expecting this. But Teresa Terry, who owns Celebrity Weaves, says it's going to cost even more to start over. 

"I haven't even begun to make the money back that I put out," she said.

She believes there isn't a spot for her now that Fairfield Commons is coming down for the new Eastgate Town Center featuring a Wal-Mart. We asked if she ever talked with the developer of if they approached her about moving here. 

"No, I haven't seen the developer," she said.

Preston Brown, who owns Famous Brown's Restaurant, says he never talked to the developer either and doesn't know when the mall will completely shut down. 

"As of right now they don't and most of them are hoping they can stay here until at least Christmas," he said.

Because these store owners had questions, NBC12 went to the developer, Bromont Investments for answers. The company points out there been several public meetings and representatives have walked through the mall handing out business cards. Senior Vice President Josh Rector says the company welcomes any business to contact them about moving into a spot at Eastgate. A store owner who owns a clothing shop said he was approached about moving to Eastgate.

The developer says tenants will have more than enough time to close down their business.  Construction is expected to start in the late fall. The hope is to open in December 2015 or early 2016.

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