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On Your Side Investigators: RRHA asks Senator for more time


We've found out a U.S. senator is still waiting for answers from the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority. This comes after our investigations revealed questionable spending of your tax dollars. He demanded documents from the agency a month ago, but RRHA is now asking for more time to respond to the senator's questions.

The U.S. senator out of Iowa but he's also the ranking member of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee. And he's questioning RRHA spending of federal taxpayer dollars. 
He fired off a letter in June asking for a response by July 11th, one month later the RRHA is asking for more time. 

A controversial bus trip to a West Virginia casino paid for on the taxpayers dime. It's the story that started it all. We broke it and followed up with a report questioning whether the agency's legal counsel has a valid law license to practice here in Virginia.  
Senator Charles Grassley got wind of these and other reports and fired off two letters; one to the RRHA, the other to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. 
He asked for a range of documents from both agencies and more than a month letter, the senator says he's only  heard from the RRHA - which in this letter a lawyer from outside counsel- McGuire Woods says, "RRHA is researching the issues you have raised and will endeavor to respond to your requests as soon as possible."

The agency also tried to discredit the reports, writing, "the news reports cited in your letter are filled with significant inaccuracies, mischaracterizations and omissions, despite RRHA's attempts to fully inform the reporters in question."

NBC12 has requested on numerous occasions to sit down with CEO Adrienne Goolsby to talk about the agency and get its side. NBC12 has never been granted an interview and Goolsby always declines to comment. 

The agency has only issued NBC12 written statements which we have reported on in their entirety. In the meantime- Senator Grassley's office says it is still waiting for the requests for information to be met. 

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