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Thief steals package from front porch caught on camera


A bold thief is caught on camera. He makes his way onto the front porch of this Jackson Ward home in broad daylight and steals a package.

The package that Nate Simon is missing was swiped by a man seen in security video outside Simon's home.

He stopped in front of Nate's home around 1:00 p.m. on Monday, grabbed the package and hasn't been seen since.

"Its kind of life in Jackson Ward, its kind of something that we expect now and that's hence why we have all the cameras," Simon said.

The suspect walked up the front porch stairs and picked up a package, he had no idea he was being captured on video tape.

Nathan has four cameras set up outside his home. He was at home during the robbery and missed the thief by just a few short minutes.

Two weeks ago the cameras in the rear of the home caught a person stealing the tags off Nathan's car.

Before that, his car was broken into several times and the cover was stolen.

"Maybe I need to put a sign out saying I have security and don't steal from me, I don't know what else to do," Simon said.

Both videos have been turned over to Richmond police. In the video from Monday's incident, the suspect is dressed in a red cap. He walks on the porch never looking up once at the camera.

Thanks to his security video Nathan says its only a matter of time before this man is caught.
Hopefully, Nathan's package can make its way home.

"I mean, wearing the Dave Brockie shirt, he looks like, somebody knows the guy he's going to get caught without a doubt, Simon said.

Simon says the stolen package is valued at about $50.

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