Richmond speeding tickets cost most in Virginia

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you get a speeding ticket in Richmond, Colonial Heights or Petersburg, you'll pay more than most everywhere else in Virginia, according to a new study.

"After getting a speeding ticket Virginia drivers actually face pretty steep car insurance increases. They can expect to pay about $65 more per year for car insurance," said Nerd Wallet insurance analyst John Kuo.

If you plead guilty or just pay the ticket, your insurance can also takes a hit.

You'll pay around $386.55 dollars over a three-year period for a ticket valued at $141 for being caught going 15 miles over the posted speed limit, according to the study.

"Even without a speeding ticket [Richmonders] pay the most in car insurance. When you do pay the most and the percentage goes up the same amount, you'll see that in Richmond the true cost of a speeding ticket can be $400 dollars over the course of three years," said Kuo.

The third most expensive place to get a speeding ticket is Colonial Heights, where you'll pay about $359.64 over three years. Petersburg came in at number 5. Nerd Wallet calculates you'll pay $355.32 dollars there over three years.

"The insurance carriers will look at income, they'll look at the poverty line and they'll just look at the likelihood that someone will get in an accident," said Kuo.

Which means insurance carriers determined drivers are more likely to get in accidents in these cities. Experts say if you are pulled over, opt to take the traffic safety course and avoid a conviction. It could save you money.

"Don't be complacent. Make sure you make the best financial decision for yourself," said Kuo.

If you are found guilty in court of speeding that might signal it's also time to shop around for new car insurance. Some carriers will overlook traffic violations when you make the switch. Though, making sure your don't speed at all is the best defense.

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