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State Board of Election Votes against expiration dates on ID's


Virginia voters need to know about a change in how their identification will be accepted at the polls. On Wednesday, the Virginia Board of Elections passed a motion requiring that photo ID's must now be current before casting a ballot.

However, there is a grace period of 12 months. So if everything moves forward as planned, forms of identification like a driver's license that expired more than a year ago will not be accepted at the polls. 


Before the move by the State Board of Elections, an expired photo identification could be accepted at your polling place. But now, that could soon change with this move by the board. The issue arose over the term 'valid identification' and if an expired form of ID could be accepted. The board made its case in the meeting.

"It's understood that ‘valid' means you can use that for its intended purpose," said chairman Charlie Judd. "That's what's understood. That means if you cannot use that driver's license for its intended purpose, it's no longer valid."

The motion reads that ID given at your polling place appears to be genuine, the bearer of the document reasonably appears to be the person in the photograph and the third part of the motion stirred most of the debate. It reads, "...the document shall be current or have expired within the preceding 12 months." Voter advocates argued all forms of photo identification, even those that are expired --should be accepted.

"Honestly, have you been an election officer?" said Maggie Luca from Fairfax. "You are asking an election officer to do one more thing!"

"Those public comments which you solicited presumably to take into account in making this regulation, this proposed regulation, were overwhelmingly against expiration dates. Overwhelmingly!" said Donna Miller Ronstant.

The State Board of Elections says it will hit the ground running to make sure all voters are aware of this possible change.


The Attorney General's office still needs to take a look at this motion. That could take anywhere from two to six weeks. 


You can get a free Virginia Voter Photo Identification Card through your local voter registrar's office.

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