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M-CATEnterprises Offers Licensed Security Consulting Services, Private Investigation and Fraud Examination Services

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M-CAT Enterprises announces its full suite of private investigation and security consulting services. As a licensed corporation, M-CAT Enterprises offers well-trained and certified professionals able to meet your corporate, legal and individual investigative needs.

August 4, 2014

Austin, Texas USA, United States – /PressCable/

Global security expert Anyck Turgeon announces M-CAT Enterprises?, LLC’s fullsuite of private investigation and security consulting services. As a licensed
corporation, M-CAT Enterprises offers well-trained and certified professionals
to meet today’s corporate, legal and individual investigative needs.

Once a person suspects fraudulent activities or experiences a security
breach looking for answers and securing results is often daunting. With less
than thirty percent of chances to recovering assets, victims of white collar
crimes need to use the best professionals to protect them, help them recover
stolen goods and prevent.

In an era of big data, device proliferation, 24-7 global business exchanges
and parallel processing, individuals to corporations and governmental agencies
are all bombarded by complex attacks, non-validated information and multi-level
threats. Further, with regulatory systems becoming overburdened, it is often
nearly impossible to find rapid solutions to the growing number and severity of
physical to cyber-attacks. One needs help secure the best crime
resolution approach that meets today’s needs. Having a legal team perform the
information gathering is often too costly and fails to compete with more
advanced industry practices that opponents are using (like advanced data
analytics, contextual evidence or digital crime reproduction).

Whether upon dealing with fraud, corporate misappropriations, bribery
involving politically exposed persons (PEPs), money laundering or other forms
of white collar crimes, M-CAT Enterprises is equipped with the best resources
to help individuals to corporations and governmental agencies today.

M-CAT Enterprises closes the gap between physical security and
cyber-attacks, offering a full range of integrated services that include assets
searches, breach assessments, reporting and recovery services, on-site or
covert investigations, risk assessments, internet and digital discovery,
notarized evidence, surveillance, comprehensive background checks, advanced
crime analytics, graphical reporting, dark web searches and expert
testimony. M-CAT Enterprises is a unique one-stop shop providing
unmatched ground-breaking visual representation of criminal activities and hard
to secure evidence.

Led by founding CEO Anyck Turgeon, a certified data scientist, certified
fraud examiner, certified chief information security officer and globally
recognized tech innovation expert, M-CAT Enterprises has gathered a team of
top-tier professionals delivering groundbreaking, professional, confidential,
versatile and independent services.

As Turgeon been a victor and has solved complex fraud cases, M-CAT
Enterprises has developed a unique methodology to locate and present the facts
successfully. In a Louisiana-based US district, out of 45,000 filed lawsuits,
only about 23,000 filings are accepted and 111 cases are heard in Court. Nobody
can afford having a claim thrown out of Court.
More importantly, nobody wants to lose a case as a result of not securing
appropriate evidence, getting the evidence thrown out as a result of spoliation
or failing to have a strong expert witness to corroborate a claim.

Upon resolving crimes or trying to prevent them, corporations and
individuals need professional expertise with a proven track record to stop
losses, correctly address on-going illegal activities and deter other potential

Under the guidance of the Texas Department of Public Safety/Private Security
Bureau, M-CAT Enterprises (TX DPS PSB #C-19068) is a qualified provider of
investigative and security consulting that can help strategize the best
approach to analyze hypotheses for faster resolution, investigate evidence
captured in different formats or locations for convictions and obtain a myriad
of corroborating data to be used as contextual evidence for assets recovery and
punitive compensation.

From preventive security to discovery investigations, M-CAT Enterprises’
personnel can help, either as consultants or by providing expert witness
testimony for internal, civil, administrative and criminal case resolution.

“With our training, certifications and experienced personnel in
governance, risk management and compliance, M-CAT Enterprises is recognized and
authorized to offer services that can help now. Working closely with
legal representative(s), M-CAT Enterprises personnel uses ground-breaking
technologies in a unique scientific manner to provide better evidence, faster
case resolution and larger assets recovery or punitive damages” Turgeon said.

Details about M-CAT Enterprises’ reliable, confidential and efficient
private investigation plus security consulting services can be found at

About M-CAT Enterprises

M-CAT Enterprises, LLC is a global provider of
business growth management, anti-fraud and security solutions. For more
information, visit www.MCATenterprises.com.

Contact Info:
Name: Anyck Turgeon
Email: anyck@mcatenterprises.com
Organization: M-CAT Enterprises, LLC
Website: www.MCATenterprises.com
Phone: 512-535-0012
Address: 111 Congress Avenue, Suite 400, Austin, Texas 78701

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