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On Your Side Alert: Fake tsunami relief emails


Don't let this email catch you off guard. Crooks even use a religious greeting to try and fool you.

Scammers tell you they were a victim of a tsunami and have decided to use over $10 million to help the less privileged.  Don't reply to this one. It's a trick, and there is no money. You could be shipping your personal information right into the hand of cyber crooks

Report this to the Internet Crime Complaint Center

Here's another email that should find its way into your delete folder. This one claims you can get your hands on an ATM card loaded with over $1 million. Of course this is a scam. Crooks are actually after your money don't reply. Again, report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.
Be warned, the United Nations is not emailing you. Cyber criminals are sending out these phony emails claiming you have won $750,000. The United Nations is aware of these fake emails -- it reminds the public it does not offer prizes, or conduct lotteries through e-mail, mail or fax. If you see this one, le the UN know about it on its website

If you think you've been scammed or you have a consumer issue -- email Graytweet Gray, or go to his Facebook page.

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