NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Family caregivers, the unsung heroes

By: Kym Grinnage email

A stranger sent a book to my office titled "A Million Tiny Things, My Experience in Care Giving". The author's name is Renée Norman.  Her book made me truly think about the unsung heroes among us, the family caregivers.

There are women and men that you know and love who deliver family care everyday because they love someone dearly who needs them now more than they have ever needed them before. Many times the caregivers are delivering care at their own financial expense and many times at the expense of their own peace of mind.  They are caregivers to their elderly parents, their husband, their wife or child whose life may have been consumed by an unfortunate and untimely disease or affliction.

How do the caregivers keep going? How do the caregivers receive the care they need while caring for others? Where do they receive relief and guidance? If you are a family caregiver, you need a hug, a break, some help, some relief and some guidance and understanding.

For information about this wonderful book, please go to: amilliontinythings.com and for a website with helpful support and resource information please go to: virginianavigator.org/vf/

For all of the caregivers within the sound of my voice, we thank you for your love and sacrifice.

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