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On Your Side: Woman claims pedicure injury

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A relaxing pedicure turned into a nightmare when a nail technician cut a chunk of flesh out of a woman's heel. The woman's injury is tough to watch but, it caused us to look deeper for things you should look out for, the next time you sit down for a pedicure at a salon.

Linda Akin says the nail technician used a razor that resembles a cheese grater and the blade removed layers of her skin.

According to her doctor's write-up, Linda got an infection. NBC12 called and also visited Mary's Nails, in Chester. No one would comment and we got an unfriendly reception.

"I told him ... you're hurting me. I'm in pain," said Linda Akin.

Linda Akin believes her foot became red, swollen, and infected because the nail technician used a dirty instrument.  

"If it wasn't a sterilized instrument, who knows what kind of bacteria. It could have seeped into my blood stream. I could have gotten septic from it which means I could have died," she said.

Linda says after she saw the bloody towel and a dime size chunk of flesh cut from her heel, the technician poured a liquid adhesive which stopped the bleeding and finished the pedicure.

The next day her doctor gave her a tetanus shot and anti-botics. Linda says the razor the technician used on her, he put away without sanitizing. 

"Then he took it out of the drawer and showed me what was on it; that he got off the bottom of my heel and then put it back in the drawer," Linda told us.

NBC12 went to Mary's Nails in person after we couldn't get through on the phone despite several calls. We tried to talk with owner, Silvia Castro but couldn't. We asked the employee to call her boss and gave her our number.

Employee: "We don't have time to talk to you so you can just go. And have a nice day."

Diane Walker: "You don't have to talk to me. I want to talk to Silvia."

Employee: "Okay she's not here."

Diane Walker: "Would you call Silvia please?"

Employee: "She's not here you. You can just leave."

Diane Walker: "You don't plan to call her do you?"

Employee: "You can just leave because I have a lawyer I can talk to."

Diane Walker: "Ok. Call the lawyer. Ask him to call too."

We haven't heard back from either one. Another salon owner who has nothing to do with this complaint says she uses an O.P.I. file, never a razor, and has this advice for customers and pedicurists.

"Never use a razor. Never," said Kelley Barnaby, owner of K and S Studios. "We don't want to remove the callus. We just want to smooth it out."

She says clients should see all instruments being used. Each station should have it's own items.

Instruments not properly cleaned can pass along serious blood related diseases. Barnaby says it's upsetting when some in the industry skip on sanitation.

"Yea, it does because we work hard to try to keep everything clean and neat. To be I always say, you get what you pay for," Barnaby said.

The business and each technician should display their license. Linda says the salon gave her a refund for the pedicure but made her pay for the manicure, and told her she had insurance to cover to medical expenses. 

She filed a complaint with the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation. Mary's Nails has not called back.

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