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Surge in East Henrico violence concerns neighbors


A recent surge in violence on Henrico's east end finds neighbors calling for changes. Wednesday, bullet holes surrounded a home on Alma Avenue. It's the result of an overnight shooting that happened not even two hours before a separate shooting just a few miles away.
Neighbors say they just want to feel safe. When someone shot up the Alma Avenue home near Laburnum Avenue, the gunfire hit a man, rushing him to the hospital. Just a few minutes away, there's more evidence left at the scene of another crime.

Daylight revealed the mayhem that unfolded on Cleary Rd., near Mechanicsville Turnpike.

"People are getting angry," said a neighbor who didn't want to be identified.

Tire marks circle an innocent family's home. It happened moments before neighbors say the shooter shot a man across the street.

Doc Copeland grew worried. His 86 year old mother lives on the same street.

"She was shocked behind it," he said. "She's been out here since 1963 and never seen anything like that."

Wednesday, Henrico police patrolled the area, speaking with neighbors and gathering clues, especially since more gunshots rang out not even two hours later right on Alma Avenue.

"You got children that have to walk around and elderly people and people that have to go to work," the neighbor said.

He's had enough.

"Summertime is about to end. School is about to go back and it's just a lot of crazy stuff that go on," he said.

It's why Copeland wants to see changes, people cooperating with police and more lighting to make neighbors feel safe.

"At night out here, it's so dark. They need to put lights up out here. I could be standing right here talking to you and you couldn't even see me. It be so dark," he said.

Both crimes are just minutes from the McDonald's where an employee was fatally shot last week and the Food Lion where a security guard was injured in yet another shooting.

"They just hope everything get better because this is a good neighborhood and they don't want to see it go down," Copeland added.

Police do not believe Tuesday night's shootings are connected. Both victims were transported to VCU Medical and are expected to recover.

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