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Education Editorial: Standardized tests and cheating

By: Bill Bosher

In Fulton County, Georgia, Atlanta, thirty-five educators, including the former superintendent, were indicted for a cheating conspiracy that covered nearly sixty schools. In reality the two-year investigation identified 178 educators who had cheated.

A subsequent review found 196 school districts across America with questionable test results that involved more than 1600 cases. While Virginians, 70 percent of whom have no school -age children, indicate through the VCU Commonwealth Poll that testing places pressure on teachers, a majority of the respondents also believe that the accountability system has improved student performance.

Recent news coverage has highlighted the cases of cheating in the Richmond metro area. The irony is that teachers are not fired for poor student performance…and, it appears that they are not fired for cheating. A teacher's license can be revoked in Virginia for "acts related to secure mandatory tests". For the teachers and students who work hard to do well, they deserve to know that those who cheat receive quick and permanent punishment.

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