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Oil spill clean up continues on Swift Creek


For now clean up crews are finished. The majority of the oil has been cleaned up but it left this behind.

Oil caked on the banks and dead fish floating in Swift Creek. For most of the day these crews have been out wading through that oil in a effort to make sure drinking water in Chesterfield is safe.

Swift Creek is not only a water source for much of the county, but further south as well.

"The Hopewell drinking water supply has been notified there is not anticipated to be any significant problems with drinking water we do want to make sure we get as much of the oil out of the water as possible," Hayden said.

The spill didn't stop these fisherman from dropping their lines into the water today.

"They are biting but it just isn't doing what it regularly does out here," Lemar Short said.

Lemar Short and his friends did land a few big catches but believe the spill is keeping most of the fish away.

Bill Hayden with Department of Environmental Quality says Wildlife are safe for the most part and says the smell of gasoline in the area might be one the biggest issues people will have to deal with.

"It effected everything from the roadway to the water so there is going to be a lingering gasoline smell," Bill Hayden said.

Officials do urge those with health issues to take extra precautions if you smell anything out of the ordinary you are asked to give them a call, that number 804-674-2400.

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