Lost Cat: Have you seen Kiki?

Kiki is a neutered male tabby cat with brown, black, beige and white fur.  Kiki is almost 11 months old and is very skinny and long.  He has white paws, white fur on his chest and some on his tummy.  His tummy is also spotted with black fur.  Kiki's ears are tipped with black fur and he has greenish eyes.  He has a small bluish-green tattoo from being neutered on his tummy.  Kiki is a rescue cat and can be very skittish.  Kiki was not wearing a name tag or collar when he went missing from his home on in Woodlake on June 30th.

If you have seen Kiki, please email Gail Hickling or call (804)739-7325 at any time of day.