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RRHA building condemned after man steals SUV and crashes into it


An RRHA office was destroyed after an SUV slammed into it.

People who live in this area say they were woken up by a loud boom. It all happened just before 1 a.m. in the 1500 block of Harwood Street. A towing company was getting ready to tow the SUV when a suspect jumped into it and took off.

That person didn't get far. The suspect slammed the SUV into the Hillside court management office, and then took off on foot.


Caution tape now fills the empty space that was once a gate. The outside wall is now inside, lying on a desk.

The tow truck driver trying to repossess the SUV said he's seen this sort of thing before, but nothing quite this extreme.

An inspector was called out to the building shortly after the accident and condemned it. Now RRHA officials are getting estimates to see exactly how much it's going to cost to rebuild here.

People who live in the complex are now wondering where to go now if they need to management.

In a statement, RRHA said, "We are underway with opening a temporary management office in Hillside Court to allow us to continue to provide customer service."

The building's phone lines were also redirected so management can receive phone calls from residents.

Efforts are also underway to stabilize the building so it's not a hazard to people in the area.

Richmond Police are calling this incident a hit and run. Nobody was hurt in all this chaos.

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