Breaking: Car slams into RRHA building

Good morning early risers. Here's a look at some of the stories we are working on for 12 News Today.

Good morning from Gray. Here's a look at some of the stories you will want to catch before you leave the house on 12 News Today.

Breaking: An early morning crash into the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority condemns the entire building. Police say an SUV slammed into the building and the driver took off. We are live with the latest information. 

Scary moments for officers along Mechanicsville Turnpike overnight. Someone fired several shots after a short police chase. This happened around 2 this morning. Officers attempted to make a traffic stop at the intersection of Mechanicsville Turnpike and Watts Lane.  While police were on the scene, they heard gunshots nearby. No one was hurt. Meanwhile, the driver faces charges this morning, including driving on a suspended license.

Happening today, Randy Taylor will be sentenced for killing Nelson County teenager, Alexis Murphy. In May, Taylor was convicted of first-degree murder and abduction in the death of Alexis Murphy.The jury pushed for two life sentences, but the minimum sentence on each conviction is 20 years. The judge is expected to rule late this afternoon.

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