List of produce in voluntary recall for Listeria concerns

Trader Joe's Voluntary Recall Brands

Sold Individually (by the each) – June 2nd thru July 18th: 
Organic White Nectarine
Organic Yellow Nectarine
White Nectarine
Yellow Nectarine
Organic Yellow Peach
White Peach
Yellow Peach
Organic Dapple Dandy Plumcot

Sold in 4LB Boxes – June 2nd thru July 19th (Julian Date Codes of 153 thru 193):
Trader Joe's Peaches 4LB Box
Trader Joe's Nectarines 4LB Box

Martins/Giant Voluntary Recall Brands:

Sold between July 1-July 21st

Organic Nectarines, PLU 94378

 Organic Peaches, PLU 94044

 Orchard Perfect Nectarines, PLU 4378 and PLU 4036

 Orchard Perfect Peaches, PLU 4044 and PLU 4038

 Orchard Perfect White Peaches, PLU 4401

 Orchard Perfect Black Plums, PLU 4040

 Orchard Perfect White Nectarines, PLU 3035