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Chesterfield Planning commission passes cell phone tower plan



According to Chesterfield County Planning Commission member Russell Gulley (Clover Hill District) the proposal for Verizon's communication cell tower on Hull Street Road passed Tuesday night.

It now goes to the County Board of Supervisors who will have the final say at a meeting sometime in August. 



Once again a proposal for a new cell phone tower is being brought before the Chesterfield County Planning Commission. This time the proposal places 134-foot structure further away from nearby homes.

For Steve Wolenberg, who lives in Bexley West, the new tower is an answer to a problem that has taunted his family for decades.

"The service is okay but it is not reliable," Wolenberg said.

The tower is slated to be built in a wooded area on Cross Pointe Church's property off Hull Street Road.

"We've actually had our congregation vote on it and make sure that they consented with it," Crosse Pointe pastor Rob Mills said. "We talked with our district leadership; we have already approved it."

Mills says while there are a number of people on both sides of the debate, he chooses to remain neutral and want what is best for the community.

The original plan was denied the planning commission because it was met by much opposition for being too close to many of the nearby homes.

Those sentiments were echoed by other neighbors.

Steve Wolenberg is holding out hope that things will work in his favor Tuesday night, giving him and his entire community quality service at last.

"What I envision with the new tower it would greatly help benefit many families in Bexley and Bexley West," Wolenberg said.

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