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Dog's death heightens concern over speeding in Richmond


A Richmond man whose beloved dog was killed on a neighborhood road is calling for the city to do more to make drivers slow down on Cedar Grove Road.

The south Richmond road is used as a cut-through to quickly get from Huguenot Road to Cherokee Road, but it is supposed to be a quiet neighborhood street with families, kids and pets.

Family pet Bryant was the youngest of three mutts rescued by Anthony Bizzaro and his wife. "My wife and I don't have children so these are our babies," he said. "We've saved them."

Thursday, Bizzaro couldn't save Bryant when he somehow broke through the electric fence in their yard.

"A big white mixing truck that didn't slow down, and by the look of the road there's no squeal marks," Bizzaro recalled. "It doesn't look like they stopped or even saw him."

The lovable mutt was killed instantly.

"He wasn't the cutest of the three but he was by far the sweetest," Bizzaro said.

Bizzaro says he's always been concerned someone would get hurt.

"In general, most people that drive on this road drive pretty recklessly," he said.

We took our radar gun to clock just how fast people are going, and found about half of the drivers going above the posted 25mph speed limit, including somebody going as fast as 48mph.

Richmond Police say they have been doing enforcement in the area, but will be sending officers out there again now that they're hearing more concerns. The last speed data collected by the city was four years ago. Now, officials with the Department of Public Works say they'll reexamine the road.

"I think that's good," Bizzaro said. "I'm hopeful that's the case."

Police want to remind you to call them if you have an issue like this. They say if they aren't told about a problem, they can't do anything about it. 

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