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Dominion Club: Hundreds of dead fish at Wyndham Lake 'natural episode'


New pictures of floating fish in Wyndham lake has many concerned that a purposeful fish kill was going on.

The Dominion Club, which owns and maintains Wyndham Lake, says this is a natural occurrence and the fish are not dying because of anything the club is doing.

Questions arose when hundreds of dead fish were spotted floating in the lake. Some were concerned it was the result of over-fertilization of the area around the lake, or that perhaps the club was purposely killing off the fish to prevent people from fishing.

Sean McLaren from the Dominion Club called the issue a "natural episode." He blamed the heat and lower lake levels for impacting the level of oxygen - which ultimately killed the fish. 
McLaren called the comments "silly" and said that the club has "contacted our lake management vendor, who will inspect the body of water tomorrow."

The Virginia DEQ has investigated and determined the cause of the fish kill to be low oxygen in the water, which can happen in the summer months.

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