Chesterfield family escapes from burning home

Good Thursday morning from Heather!

Several adults had to escape a house fire just after one o'clock this morning. It happened on Fitzroy Road in Chesterfield. Firefighters had it out in 20 minutes but the cause is still under investigation. Chrystina Head is reporting live on the scene.

VCU Police say a car slammed into VCU Medical Center inside a visitor parking deck about 1:15 this morning. We're still working to find out if anyone was hurt.

Nearly 100 people are happy to be back on land after the casino boat Escapade was stuck at sea for 16 hours off the coast of Georgia. The boat could not be towed, so passengers were transferred to smaller boats. One passenger was taken to the hospital for high blood pressure.

Andrew says we can expect another cooler, less humid day! Join us on the air now for these stories and much more.