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McDonnell's attorneys, prosecutors make final pitch to judge before trial


Former Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen were back in federal court in Richmond Tuesday, gearing up for their trial on corruption charges. The McDonnells had little to say before or after the three-hour hearing.

"I just don't have a comment today. Thank you very much. Appreciate it," the former governor said leaving the courtroom.

"It's a wonderful day," one of his attorneys added, refusing to speak on the specifics of the case.

They fought to allow a certified public accountant to testify in the corruption trial.

"I can't really comment on it sir. I never do," accountant J. Allen Kosowsky said.

In court, he told a judge the McDonnell's have a secure financial standing that suggests no need to benefit from $165,000 in gifts and loans from former CEO of Star Scientific, Jonnie Williams. The accountant also testified Williams profited handsomely from a company not doing well financially.

"He did great. $9 million a year," said political analyst Paul Goldman.

The two sides also spent about an hour arguing whether a reporting form for gifts should be presented to jurors. The defense says it was not necessary. The prosecution claims it is, saying the McDonnells failed to document all of their gifts.

"I do think it's a key piece of evidence for the prosecution and if the McDonnell people can keep it out, that will be a big win for them," Goldman said.

Leaving in a separate car, the former first lady had little to say after it was all said and done.

The judge said he will take everything he heard under advisement and plans to make a ruling by Wednesday. The trial is set to begin July 28 and could last for weeks. Meanwhile, the McDonnells' legal defense fund just reported that it raised $93,000 during the second quarter of this year.

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