NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The Border Children

By: Kym Grinnage email

So what should a free democracy do when they see children who have been declared refugees by the United Nations? I think there is only one answer: we give them care and shelter and get them out of harm's way. Yes, we should have a strong and secure border, and yes, we should have a legal and fair immigration system, but that is not the question or dilemma before us. The question before us is do we do the humane thing, inhumane thing, or do we do nothing?

When refugees pour into countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, we demand that those countries give food, shelter and a better way of life to those fleeing imminent danger. We know that not all of the mothers and children who are seeking asylum from their native countries are refugees, but until all of the legal matters have been sorted, we must treat them in the manner that we would want our American citizens to be treated if our children were in grave danger abroad.

We must first follow the Golden Rule before any political question about deportation is even discussed, and many have asked if the President of the United States should go to the border at this unprecedented time in history, when mothers and children have traveled thousands of miles in the search of freedom and security. My question, Mr. President, is: Why is this a question?

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