Worker wore gloves outside, then touched mushrooms with them

You see food workers wearing gloves, which helps protect customers from bacteria. But you don't necessarily know if the gloves are clean.

In this NBC12 Restaurant Report, a food worker was busted while wearing gloves. It's where he wore them that's the problem.

It happened at Sergio's, 4824 Market Square Lane in Chesterfield, which had 5 critical violations. The report says an employee was wearing gloves out back, then came in and cleaned mushrooms and the slicer still wearing the same gloves.

That's a critical violation because who knows what someone may touch when they're outside. Did they touch a door knob? Those are usually covered in bacteria. That means the gloves were likely no longer clean.

Sergio's owner Joe Conigliaro told us, "It makes me realize that training needs to be a constant thing. We have to have daily reminders and constant training for employees."

Conigliaro says he retrained staff about hand washing and wearing gloves, and making sure food is kept at proper temperatures.

"Three or four times a day they go in and they need to check temperatures and make sure everything is stored in the right places," Conigliaro explained.

Violations were corrected during the inspection. When the inspector returned for a check-up, he found only one temperature problem and that was also fixed.

Moving to Terra Nova Bar and Grille at 4700 South Laburnum in Henrico, which had 4 critical violations, the inspector wrote that drain flies were hanging around coffee urns and told staff to get advice from the pest control operator.

Next we traveled to the Greek Islands Restaurant at 9503 West Broad Street in Henrico to deliver the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award. Greek Islands has aced five health inspections and hasn't had a critical violation in two years.

Owner Fay Kefalas told us how they've done so well. "You do the best you can and it works out. I have some very good help that is conscientious about doing what needs to be done."