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Most Wanted Wednesdays: U.S. Marshals hunt for Joel Hicklin


In the early evening hours of June 9th violence erupted in this Southgate apartment complex parking lot. A domestic dispute gone bad led to a barrage of bullets that investigators say they believe were fired by Joel Hicklin.

"He's alleged to have shot multiple times at a female and physically assaulted her in the complex," said Brian Stalnaker, with U.S. Marshals Special Task Force."At the time of the shooting there were several people outside including children."

Police say it was fortunate that no one was seriously injured.

"The female wasn't hit at the time of the shooting but he did spray quite a few bullets," he added.

After the shooting Hicklin vanished and with an extensive criminal history, investigators are eager to get him back in custody.

"Definitely a menace to society, very dangerous, always considered armed," said Stalnaker.

This is the third time that the Fugitive Task Force has been called in to track Hicklin down.

"He's been arrested for murder also aggravated assault, robbery and also numerous weapon charges," said Stalnaker. "This guy has no regard for human life."
Back in 2011 Hicklin was arrested and charged with murder for the homicide of Tyler Franks on Chamberlyne Avenue. Court records show that prosecutors didn't pursue the charges and Hicklin was let back out onto the streets. A year later Hicklin was arrested for a violent robbery that happened on North 22nd street in Richmond. Again court records indicated that Hicklin wasn't prosecuted and he was released without serving any time.

"It can be very frustrating for law enforcement to continually go after these guys. We hope this time when we catch him that he will spend a lot of time in prison," he said.

Hicklin is known on the streets as "South" or "Joe" and may be in the Richmond or Petersburg areas. Investigators are asking for your help to get him off the streets.

"If you think you've seen him also if you've heard from someone else where you think he may be. Anything is helpful, things that you may not think are helpful could be very helpful to law enforcement," Stalnaker said.

If you have any information on Joel Hicklin, The U.S. Marshals want to hear from you. The number is 1-877-926-8332 or 1-877-WANTED-2. They are available 24 hours a day and you can remain anonymous. If your call leads to an arrest there may also be a cash reward.

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