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Flyers opposing Short Pump Wegmans surface


Backlash surfaces against a proposed grocery store in Short Pump. Flyers showed up in mailboxes, shooting down the Wegmans set to be built at a new shopping center, about a half mile from the Short Pump Mall. The flyer warns of traffic congestion. Some residents have even gotten phone calls, opposing the store. However, it's not clear who is behind this campaign against a supermarket that people seemed excited about just a few months ago.

"I feel it's a very nice place to shop," said Short Pump resident Meena Ganesh.

Several neighbors we spoke to, like Diego Ramon, don't seem to mind Wegmans coming to town, especially since the area is already bustling with malls and shops.

"It will probably improve competition in the area. So, hopefully prices will come down a little bit," said Ramon.

Wegmans, along with a Cabela's store, are set to go on West Broad Street. However, the day before the county's planning commission is scheduled to vote on allowing the future "West Broad Marketplace," fliers circulated encouraging people to wipe out any chance for a Short Pump Wegmans.

"It's going to increase the traffic. That's going to be a problem...not only Wegmans, all the development here," said Ganesh Nagarajan.Ganesh and Meena agree West Broad Street will likely get more congested. However, they still welcome the popular store.

"We don't mind," said the pair.

Besides the Wegmans and Cabela's planned for the area, there's also room for stores and apartments.

"It's busy and getting busier every single day," continued Ramon. "It's the development that's been coming around here... has been coming for years and just continues to grow."

The Henrico Planning Commission is set to vote on the Wegmans plan Wednesday night at 7 p.m..

County officials aren't positive who is behind the flyers or calls. NBC 12 is told the calls are likely from telemarketers.

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