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Fake IRS call targets Hanover woman, caller threatens jail time


A man posing as an IRS agent threatened to send a Hanover woman to jail this week, an incident that is now connected to a rampant scam sweeping the country.

According to the Central Virginia Better Business Bureau, the call came from a Washington, D.C. area code, with a Hanover senior citizen targeted in the incident.

The caller claimed to be from the IRS and demanded over $6,000 in back taxes. The Hanover woman hung up, and her family members later contacted the BBB Senior Fraud Team.

"The man on the line said she needed to pay up right now, or he was going to send the police to come and get her," said BBB Communications Director Paula Stallard in an interview Wednesday. "It was appalling."

When the BBB dialed the number, a man disconnected the call when he was asked to provide his name. The phone call originated from (202) 506-8602.

"The IRS will never call you on the phone," said Stallard. "They're going to send you a letter through the mail. They're not going to call you ever. They're not going to threaten to arrest you."

The phone call is part of a scam that the IRS has known about since at least October 2013. Similar scams have come from as far as Asia or island outposts, and even if a number appears to originate from a United States area code, the number can be falsified.

If consumers receive a scam phone call from a person who claims to represent the IRS, it is advised to simply hang up and contact the Central Virginia BBB at (804) 648-0016.

As for the woman in Hanover, she may be the latest target, but she is not a victim.

"The consumer is doing fine," Stallard said. "She didn't lose any money, so we're very happy about that."

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