E-ZPass users warned of email phishing scam

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - VDOT is warning E-ZPass Virginia users of an email scam aimed at getting access to your private information.

The email appears to come from "E-ZPass Info" with the subject line, "In arrears for driving on toll road." The email tells customers they owe money and asks them to click and download an invoice.

VDOT says the email is not from E-ZPass and there are several red flags customers should notice.

"We do not send invoices via email. We send alerts and information. Invoices are received via U.S. Mail," said Shannon Marshall with VDOT. Marshall also notes that they don't use blind hyperlinks in their emails either.

The email address also doesn't come from a valid VDOT email address. Valid emails originating from E-ZPass Virginia include the following return email addresses NoReply@ezpassva.comcustomerservice@ezpassva.com andezpass@ricklanddirect.com.

VDOT is now emailing all its customers to let them know about the scam. A special warning notice also appears on its website.

If customers have questions about the validity of any message received from E-ZPass, VDOT asks them to please contact the customer service center at 877-762-7824.

The scam isn't isolated to Virginia and E-ZPass authorities in other states are also spreading the word to try and inform customers.

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