On Your Side Alert: Warning about Electric Foam 5K

There is a warning for all you runners. A 5K scheduled to be held at Richmond International Raceway later this month has been canceled. We discovered the company putting on the race is now out of business.

If you signed up for the Electric Foam 5K, then you've probably seen pictures on its Facebook Page. The run was planned in cities across the country and promised fun electric music and tons of Bubbles. While it looks exciting, runners in some states say it's not all it's cracked up to be.

Participants say it was nothing like those pictures online; runners claimed it was false advertisement. A frustrated runner created a Facebook Page alerting potential runners about their bad experience. Tom Gallagher,  with the Richmond BBB, learned the event was scheduled to take place at RIR at the end of July. He put out an alert.

"We just want folks to be aware that this is what the experience has been in other cities not to say that it will be the same experience here," he says. The company putting on the race has an "F" rating with the BBB for not responding to consumer complaints.

We tried to contact Electric 5K organizers but never got response. A possible reason for the lack of communication, we've learned the company is going out of business. A message is posted on its website, claiming its shutting down due to business conditions and filing for bankruptcy. The company also says it will not be responding to emails or phone calls and says Groupon has processed refunds for future events.

Of course this means the event scheduled for July 26th, at R-I-R has been canceled. Even though the company says Groupon is providing refunds, the BBB recommends that you reach out to your bank or credit card company about getting your money back. "You've got the right, you signed up and if they don't provide it, they need to give the money back. Suppose they don't give the money back, well then, you got your credit card and you need to go back to your credit card to make sure," Gallagher says.

Gallagher says there is also a lesson to be learned in all this. Before you give up your money, no matter what it is for, always do your research. RIR is aware of the situation and says, just like many of the other events that take place at the complex, they were renting a portion of the facility to the Electric Foam 5K promoter.  The registration and event operation was conducted by the event promoter and not RIR.

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